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UTCTF 2020 – Chatt With Bratt

1. Send XSSHunter payload.
2. View secret cookie in XSSHunter.

This is an application where you can message a chat bot called Bratt.

Chatting with Bratt.

The application sets two cookies:

  • chat_id: UUID used to identify the chat log currently in use.
  • secret: The one that potentially holds the flag on Bratt’s side.
Sets the two cookies.

From this, we can assume that our goal is to get Bratt’s secret cookie.

My first thought was to exploit XSS. A quick smoke test on the application confirmed that it was vulnerable to XSS:

<img src=x onerror=alert(1)>

Now that I knew that triggering XSS was very simple, I tried using an XSS hunter payload and a little while later, we see that Bratt got hooked:

The flag was: utflag{95debad95cfb106081f33ceadc36bf9c}

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